Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thindoora Uraddal Chutney/ Dondakaya Minapa pachadi


My mom is chutney specialist. She used to prepare many varities of chutneys. Everyday for breakfast or lunch she will prepare one chutney. I like to have with Ghee but my brother he likes with plain Dal. Chutneys prepared by my Mom were good with Chapatis, Rice, Dosa and Idly. Thindoora Uraddal Chutney/ Dondakaya Minapa pachadi is one of that variety. I mean to say you can eat with Chapatis, Rice, Dosa and Idly. I think too much of childhood memories. And the recipe is here.


  1. Tomato                                                             1
  2. Green Chilies                                                    4
  3. Thindoora/ Dondakaya                                    5
  4. Urad Dal                                                           5 Spoons
  5. Dhaniya Seeds                                                  1 Spoon
  6. Garlic clove                                                      1

  • Urad dal                                                            1 Spoon
  • Jeera                                                                  1/2 Spoon
  • Mustard Seeds                                                   1/4 spoon
  • Curry Leaves                                                      5 to 6

1. Take a pan add oil. When oil became hot add Urad Dal & Dhaniya Seeds. After a minute add Green chilies, Thindoora/ Dondakaya, Garlic Clove, Tomato. Fry until tomato is half cooked.


2. Grind the mixture when it became Luke warm don't forget to add salt and turmeric.


3.Take a pan add oil when oil became hot add urad dal, Jeera, mustard seeds and curry leaves fry for a minute and add grinded mixture.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thindoora Fry / Dondakaya Fry


My mom used to prepare this Dondakaya/ Thindoora stir fry in two different ways. Both versions were good with Rice & Chapati. Today I would introduce one version and soon will introduce the other version as well. We use to have lunch Dondakaya fry with Sambar or Rasam. My Mom will prepare at least 3 to 4 items for lunch and for dinner we use to have only chapati or some times Idly. Lovely days to remember.

  1. Dondakaya/ Thindoora                        250 Grams
  2. Onions                                                   1
  3. Turmeric powder                                 Pinch
  4. Salt                                                       To taste
  • Coconut                                               2 Medium pieces
  • Garlic clove                                         1
Grind coconut and garlic in to fine powder.

  1. Oil                                                        5 spoons
  2. Jeera                                                     1/2 spoon
  3. Mustard Seeds                                      1/4 spoon
  4. Urad dal                                                1/4 spoon
  5. Curry Leaves                                         4 to 5
  6. Chanadal                                               1 spoon

1. Take a pan pour oil. when oil became hot add Jeera, Mustard seeds, Urad dal, Curry Leaves & Chanadal. When Chanadal became golden brown color add chopped Thindoora or Dondakaya for a minute. Add turmeric and salt. Mix evenly then add onions.

2. Fry until onions become golden brown color and also wait until Tindoora/ Dondakaya cooked.Add grinded Coconut and garlic powder. Add half spoon of chilly powder mix properly and off the stove. 


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Karela fry or kakarakaya karam

Karela fry or kakarakaya karam is one of my favorite curry. This curry is yummy with plain Dal. My MIL and my mom versions are different and tasty too. Today i will post my MIL's recipe. Soon will post my mom's recipe. You all know that karela is good for health eating once in a while my help in keeping our body healthy.


  1.  Karela / Kakarakaya                                1 big 
  2.  Salt                                                           To taste
  3. Turmeric                                                   A pinch

  • Onion                                                          1
  • Coconut                                                       3 medium pieces
  • Garlic Cloves                                                2
  • Chilly powder                                             1/2 spoon
Grind the above things in to fine paste and keep it aside.

  1. Curry Leaves                                                5 to 6
  2. Chana Dal                                                     1/2 spoon
  3. Dry Chilies                                                     2
  4. Jeera                                                             1/4 spoon

1.Remove karela outer layer with spoon or knife. Cut round pieces. Add salt and turmeric. Mix properly. Squeeze pieces and keep it a side.

2. Fry karela pieces in oil until it became golden brown color.

3. Take a pan pour oil. when oil became hot, add mustard seeds, Jeera, red chilies, Chanadal, curry leaves. Add grinded Masala  and little chilly powder fry for a minute. Add half tomato and fry until tomato cooked.

4.Add salt and turmeric and also add fried karela. Fry for few minutes and off the stove.


Black Forest

Black Forest is wooden mountain range in southwestern part of Germany.The name Black Forest, goes back to the Romans who referred thickly forested mountains as Silva Nigara i.e; Black Forest, because the dense growth of conifers in the forest blocked out most of the light inside of the forest. We visited two places in black forest region. One is Titisee & the other is Triberg.


 How to reach?

               People in Germany can take SW ticket. We are from BW State both Titsee and Triberg are inside of BW state, so we took BW ticket.
SW Ticket 40 EUR for 5 persons.
BW Ticket 35 EUR for 5 persons.


Attractions in Titsee and Triberg:

Titisee is more like village atmosphere. The scenic highlight of  Titisee is obviously Lake Titisee with its crystal clear water attracts thousands of enthusiastic swimmers. Enjoy amazing scenic beauty by taking boat ride which is really good. For motor boat it costs around 12 EUR for half an hour and for paddling boat it cost around 8 EUR for one hour. The famous cuckoo clocks are made in Titisee. There are many shops of cuckoo clocks, soft toys and wooden carvings. Black forest cake is popular, but it contains alcohol. People who are pretty much interested in trekking and camping select one route depends on your time.


Triberg is well known for its Waterfalls, you must have seen. Germany's highest waterfalls are in Triberg. Triberg waterfalls are series of short waterfalls in the Gutach river. On the roads along the seven stages of the case, you experience a magnificent spectacle of nature. Entrance costs around 3.50 EUR. Opposite to the falls is Black forest museum. The museum was built in 1973 presents the economical and cultural life of Black Forest people in past and present. Museum attractions are historical collections, traditional costumes, wood carvings, straw thatching, the Black Forest railway diorama and one of the largest collections of barrel organs in Europe. It costs around 4.50 EUR. Last but not least is the world largest cuckoo clock. It is pretty fascinating. It is very huge and its workings too. It was interesting to see the bellows open up at the time that it struck on the hour to make the cuckoo sound. Entrance costs around 1.20 EUR.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Strawberry Lassi

                                 My brother he just loves Strawberry flavor. Once I prepared Strawberry Lassi for him. He liked a lot. Yesterday i brought Strawberries and I prepared this Lassi. We both drank by remembering my brother.


Strawberries                                         4
Sugar                                                     3 spoons
Curd                                                      1 cup
Kova  (optional)                                   1 spoon


1. Cut Strawberries blend it with sugar and curd. If you don't like thick lassi like curd, Add 1/4th cup of water.
2. Grind the mixture for a minute. Sprinkle kova and drink chilled.



  • I like moderate sugar. If you want you can add more.
  • If you are conscious in calories use honey instead of sugar. But taste good with sugar.
  • I used normal curd. you can make Lassi with low fat curd.          


Chanadal Coconut Curry/ Pappula kura

                     Chanadal Coconut Curry is very famous dish in one part (Guntur) of Andhra. My mom often prepares this curry. She prepares in two versions. One is with coconut and the other with Ginger Garlic. I like both versions. Soon I will post Ginger garlic version as well. This curry is good with both Chapathi and rice. Here is the recipe.

      * Channadal           1/2 cup
      * Onions               1
      * Curry Leaves     4 to 5
      * Jeera                  1/2 spoon
      * Salt                    To taste
      * Turmeric            pinch
  •   Coconut(Dried or Normal)           3 pieces/3 spoons powderd
  •   Jeera                                             1/2 spoon
  •   Dhaniya seeds                               1 spoon
  •   Tamarind  extract                          1/2 spoon
  •   Curry leaves                                  5 to 7
# Soak chanadal for 2 hours.
#  Fry Jeera, Dhaniya Seeds and curry leaves. Grind coconut (I used coconut powder), Jeera, Dhaniya seeds, Tamarind Extract and Curry leaves.
# Take pan pour oil. When oil became hot add Curry leaves and Jeera. Add onions when it is half cooked add grinded masala.
# Add soaked chanadal and cook for 5 minutes. Add salt turmeric powder and tomato. Cook for 10 mins. Check whether chanadal cooked properly. Once it is done off the stove. And serve in bowl along with Chapathi or rice.                                                                                   


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plain Vada Masala Curry

                                Plain Vada Masala Curry is my own creation. I will explain in detail about that story. Once Raghu invited his friends for lunch. He invited 10 members but only 5 members had come. Out of my enthusiasm I prepared more items and almost every thing was finished except Vada and normal rice. You all know that Vada made with Chana Dal will become hard soon. I cant eat like that way and I cant throw because I treat food like a God. So I prepared curry with Vada. While we are having dinner Raghu just loved this curry and he used to ask me to prepare this curry that too when i prepared Vada for him.
Masala Vada and this Vada is different. This Vada you have to eat along with Dhaniya chutney/Kottimira pachadi. Dhaniya chutney is in my chutney list.
Chana Dal1 cup
Ginger1 small piece                                   
Green Chilies2
Dhaniya Leaves or Kottimira leaves5
Curry Leaves4
Lemon1/2 Spoon
Chilly Powder1/2 Spoon
SaltTo Taste

Ginger                                       2 small pieces
Garlic Cloves                            2
Cloves                                       2
Cinnamon                                   2 Small pieces
Dhaniya Seeds                           1 Spoon
1. Grind Ginger,Garlic,Cloves Cinnamon & Dhaniya Seeds and keep it aside.Soak Chanadal for 1 or 2 hours. Add Ginger and Green Chillies and grind it. Dont make it as fine paste and don't add water too.

2. Wet your hands take batter and make it round as shown below. Leave slowly in oil and wait until golden brown color.

3. Prepare as many Vada's with that batter. Cut Vada's in to pieces as shown. Take pan heat oil. Add Grinded masala and fry for 2 minutes.

4. Add Onions and wait until onions are half cooked. Then add tomato and add salt and turmeric powder to it. When ever needed add small cup of water.

5. When tomatoes fully cooked add Vada's and squeeze 1/2 spoon of lemon. Add Half or One spoon of chilly powder.  

6. Mix even and off the stove.


Mint Buttermilk, Podhina majjiga


Mint Buttermilk is very good in reducing body heat. This is one of the best healthy drink for both kids & Elders. Mint Buttermilk has its own freshness and keeps your tummy cool. If you don't like to eat Curd in Rice or if you don't like curd smell you can just try this drink. And also it is a quick soothing recipe.

5 to 6 Spoons
          Mint Leaves
3 to 4
To taste
          Lemon Juice
1/2 Spoon
2 Cups

1. Grind Curd,Mint Leaves, Salt, Lemon and water.

2.If you don't like small mint pieces in buttermilk just filter.


Strawberry Freshness

It is too hot outside. As soon as we came from outside we feel like having a juice or some refreshing drink. I am a buddy who loves fruits and Raghu (My Husband) likes juices but he don't like fruits as such. Yesterday we went to supermarket and i feel like buying fresh strawberry's immediately after coming home i prepared this Recipe.


                                                                                                         Strawberry's5 to 6
Sugar3 Spoons
Ice Cubes Grinded4 Spoons

1. Cut strawberry's in to pieces remove that green leaves on the top.


2. Grind Strawberry's with water of one cup and Sugar.


3. Pour in glass and add Grinded Ice Cubes on the top.


Monday, May 21, 2012


This weekend we went to Oberstdorf.. It is not an easy task to describe the overwhelming Beauty of Oberstdorf that too in summer. I felt more like swiss, Especially train journey from Memmingen to obsterdorf . This is paradise for skiing and trekking .Mostly for Germans and Austrians. Oberstdorf is in State Bavaria which shares Austria border in few parts.

If you are in germany you can go by SW ticket which costs around 40 EUR for 5 persons. From Stuttgart we took train to Ulm in 6.32 am. From Ulm we have to catch one more train to Memmingen or some times you may get direct train to Oberstdorf. We get down at Memmingen and boarded in other train to Oberstdorf. Train journey from Memmingen to Oberstdorf was very beautiful. I recollected my swiss trip experiences as well.

 Information center is just outside of the station. If climate suddenly changes take their suggestion for better option. Neblehorn Mountain is highest peak in Oberstdorf. Getting to the top costs around 28.50 EUR per person. From tourist information center you can get indications to Neblehorn cable car. It is just 10 mins walk. This mountain has 3 stations.First station is not for skiing if you went in winter may be it will be covered with snow. Second station is for skiing..From here you can see 400 Peaks. Third station is mountain peak. You can go by trekking from 2nd station to 3rd station. It takes half an hour.Only if you have that enthusiasm to walk . Or else you can go by cable car.. From station1 to station 2 you can see waterfalls and a lake which is beautiful. From top you can see people paragliding. Restaurant will be there on the top..we had our lunch there by enjoying the panoramic beauty .We directly went to the top and from there we went for other stations.. After getting down just few steps back you can see a small water fall with snow capped mountains as its back ground which is amazing. Just outside of Neblehorn Cable car Basement there is one winter sports Stadium.


Fellhorn is also for skiing. For that you have to take bus which is  just outside of the station. But it is private bus so you need to buy bus ticket even though you have SW ticket. And it costs around 24 EUR per person for getting to the top. I don't know much about this Mountain.

We went to BreitachKlamm Waterfalls. It is narrow waterfalls between two mountains. They laid a narrow path by drilling mountains. You have two options for reaching waterfalls. One is going to the top and getting down which is very easy to walk down hill than up hill.. If you opted for this you have to Take bus towards walserschanze from oberstdorf. It takes ten minutes to reach there. Entrance ticket for falls is 3.50 EUR per person. It takes around 20 to 30 mins to get down.You can catch bus to Oberstdorf from there. Second option is to take bus towards BreitachKlamm. It takes 45 mins to reach waterfalls.


If you have time go the Freibergsee lake which is just like a beach. From Oberstdorf take bus towards Skiflugschanze.To reach that lake you have to walk 30 mins.  It takes one hour to get around the lake. Take bus towards Oberstdorf.
6.38 and 7.49 pm are the best trains to come back home early.

Photos taken by my husband (Raghu)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cluster beans Fry or Goru Chikudi Kaya Kura

Cluster Beans fry is not a deep oil fry. It is just a stir fry which is good with rice and chapathi. Raghu's (My Husband) one of his favorite. Hope you will like this recipe.
                                                                                                         Cluster Beans 250 Grms
Onions 1
Chanadal 1/2 Spoon
Mustard Seeds 1/4 spoon
Jeera 1/4 spoon
Curry Leaves 2 to 4
Garlic Clove 2
Chilly Powder 1/2 Spoon
Salt To Taste

1. Cook beans with salt.


2.Take a Pan add 2 spoons of oil. When oil became hot add curry leaves,chana dal,Jeera,Mustard seeds,chopped onions and Mashed garlic.


3. When onions became golden brown color. Add cooked beans fry for a minute and sprinkle chilly powder. Mix evenly.Off the stove.


Rasam Powder Recipe

Hello friends today i would like to teach Andhra style Rasam powder recipe. It give very special taste when compared to other powders which you get out in the market. I swear you love Rasam with this powder.


                                                           Tur Dal                       1 cup
                                                           Dhaniya Seeds            2 spoons
                                                           Jeera                           1 spoon
                                                           Pepper Seeds              1 spoon
                                                           Turmeric powder        1/2 spoon
                                                           Chilly powder             2 spoons
                                                           Mustard Seeds             1 spoon
                                                           Methi Seeds                 1/2 spoon

1. Fry Tur Dal for one minute.Then add Dhaniya Seeds Jeera Pepper Seeds Methi Seeds Mustard seeds and fry until Tur Dal became golden brown color.


2. Wait until it Tur Dal became cold. Then take a jar add all including turmeric and chilly powder. Grind it as fine powder.


3. Preserve in an air tight jar. It won't loose smell and it stays fresh for long time.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eega Trailer HD - samantha nani rajamouli - eega theatrical trailer

Most Costly Wedding : The Seven days marriage

America Groom weds Ap's Bride 1

Tur Dal Chutney or kandhi pachadi

Hello friends, to day i would like to introduce tur dal chutney or kandhi pachadi. When no vegetables are there in your home you can jus go for this option. This chutney is very good with Rice, Chapathi, Dosa & Idly.


Tur Dal                            1 cup
Dhaniya Seeds                 2 spoons
Jeera                               1/2 spoon
Curry Leaves                   4 to 5
Mustard Seeds                 1/4th spoon
Red Chilies                       4
Tamarind                          small piece



Take a pan pour oil. When oil became hot add Tur dal, Dhaniya Seeds, Jeera, Red Chillies and Tamarind piece.


When Tur dal became golden brown color keep the pan aside. Add Salt and pinch of turmeric.


When it became cold grind them and don't make it fine paste.


Take a pan, add oil when oil became hot add jeera, Mustard seeds and Curry leaves fry for a minute. Then add grinded mixture in hot oil and take in bowl.