Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thindoora Uraddal Chutney/ Dondakaya Minapa pachadi


My mom is chutney specialist. She used to prepare many varities of chutneys. Everyday for breakfast or lunch she will prepare one chutney. I like to have with Ghee but my brother he likes with plain Dal. Chutneys prepared by my Mom were good with Chapatis, Rice, Dosa and Idly. Thindoora Uraddal Chutney/ Dondakaya Minapa pachadi is one of that variety. I mean to say you can eat with Chapatis, Rice, Dosa and Idly. I think too much of childhood memories. And the recipe is here.


  1. Tomato                                                             1
  2. Green Chilies                                                    4
  3. Thindoora/ Dondakaya                                    5
  4. Urad Dal                                                           5 Spoons
  5. Dhaniya Seeds                                                  1 Spoon
  6. Garlic clove                                                      1

  • Urad dal                                                            1 Spoon
  • Jeera                                                                  1/2 Spoon
  • Mustard Seeds                                                   1/4 spoon
  • Curry Leaves                                                      5 to 6

1. Take a pan add oil. When oil became hot add Urad Dal & Dhaniya Seeds. After a minute add Green chilies, Thindoora/ Dondakaya, Garlic Clove, Tomato. Fry until tomato is half cooked.


2. Grind the mixture when it became Luke warm don't forget to add salt and turmeric.


3.Take a pan add oil when oil became hot add urad dal, Jeera, mustard seeds and curry leaves fry for a minute and add grinded mixture.


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