Monday, May 21, 2012


This weekend we went to Oberstdorf.. It is not an easy task to describe the overwhelming Beauty of Oberstdorf that too in summer. I felt more like swiss, Especially train journey from Memmingen to obsterdorf . This is paradise for skiing and trekking .Mostly for Germans and Austrians. Oberstdorf is in State Bavaria which shares Austria border in few parts.

If you are in germany you can go by SW ticket which costs around 40 EUR for 5 persons. From Stuttgart we took train to Ulm in 6.32 am. From Ulm we have to catch one more train to Memmingen or some times you may get direct train to Oberstdorf. We get down at Memmingen and boarded in other train to Oberstdorf. Train journey from Memmingen to Oberstdorf was very beautiful. I recollected my swiss trip experiences as well.

 Information center is just outside of the station. If climate suddenly changes take their suggestion for better option. Neblehorn Mountain is highest peak in Oberstdorf. Getting to the top costs around 28.50 EUR per person. From tourist information center you can get indications to Neblehorn cable car. It is just 10 mins walk. This mountain has 3 stations.First station is not for skiing if you went in winter may be it will be covered with snow. Second station is for skiing..From here you can see 400 Peaks. Third station is mountain peak. You can go by trekking from 2nd station to 3rd station. It takes half an hour.Only if you have that enthusiasm to walk . Or else you can go by cable car.. From station1 to station 2 you can see waterfalls and a lake which is beautiful. From top you can see people paragliding. Restaurant will be there on the top..we had our lunch there by enjoying the panoramic beauty .We directly went to the top and from there we went for other stations.. After getting down just few steps back you can see a small water fall with snow capped mountains as its back ground which is amazing. Just outside of Neblehorn Cable car Basement there is one winter sports Stadium.


Fellhorn is also for skiing. For that you have to take bus which is  just outside of the station. But it is private bus so you need to buy bus ticket even though you have SW ticket. And it costs around 24 EUR per person for getting to the top. I don't know much about this Mountain.

We went to BreitachKlamm Waterfalls. It is narrow waterfalls between two mountains. They laid a narrow path by drilling mountains. You have two options for reaching waterfalls. One is going to the top and getting down which is very easy to walk down hill than up hill.. If you opted for this you have to Take bus towards walserschanze from oberstdorf. It takes ten minutes to reach there. Entrance ticket for falls is 3.50 EUR per person. It takes around 20 to 30 mins to get down.You can catch bus to Oberstdorf from there. Second option is to take bus towards BreitachKlamm. It takes 45 mins to reach waterfalls.


If you have time go the Freibergsee lake which is just like a beach. From Oberstdorf take bus towards Skiflugschanze.To reach that lake you have to walk 30 mins.  It takes one hour to get around the lake. Take bus towards Oberstdorf.
6.38 and 7.49 pm are the best trains to come back home early.

Photos taken by my husband (Raghu)

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