Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rasam Powder Recipe

Hello friends today i would like to teach Andhra style Rasam powder recipe. It give very special taste when compared to other powders which you get out in the market. I swear you love Rasam with this powder.


                                                           Tur Dal                       1 cup
                                                           Dhaniya Seeds            2 spoons
                                                           Jeera                           1 spoon
                                                           Pepper Seeds              1 spoon
                                                           Turmeric powder        1/2 spoon
                                                           Chilly powder             2 spoons
                                                           Mustard Seeds             1 spoon
                                                           Methi Seeds                 1/2 spoon

1. Fry Tur Dal for one minute.Then add Dhaniya Seeds Jeera Pepper Seeds Methi Seeds Mustard seeds and fry until Tur Dal became golden brown color.


2. Wait until it Tur Dal became cold. Then take a jar add all including turmeric and chilly powder. Grind it as fine powder.


3. Preserve in an air tight jar. It won't loose smell and it stays fresh for long time.


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