Monday, April 30, 2012

Dhaniya chutney/ kottimira pachadi

Hello friends today i would like to introduce dhaniya chutney which is tasty with chapathi,dosa and rice.


Dhaniya leaves 1 bunch
Dhaniya seeds 1/2 spoon
Garlic cloves 2
Tomato 2
Greenchillies 2
Tamrind small piece
Salt to taste
Oil 5 to 10 spoons
Jeera 1/2 spoon
Curry Leaves 4 to 5
Chanadal : 1 spoon



Sunday, April 29, 2012


Venice a beautiful place surrounded by water.It is one among the world's lovely places. It is in the northern part of Italy with 118 Islands connected with bridges. The whole city is covered with water and their transportation mode is by boat.Every person will have their own private boat .Even there are Taxi boats which are in polished wooden color.Few people will sell vegetables in boat by moving from one place to other in boat. Venice is good place to shop around. For Venice one day is enough. Buy a Day pass which is valid for 12h.It costs around 16 EUR.


Tourist Places:
                           Murano Island is very famous for its glass production.You can see few glass production plants and different stages of glass production, Few plants allows you for free of cost rest we have to pay around 5 Euros per couple.If we buy anything in their shop which is owned by the factory  , we will get that 5 Euros discount. Out side of the glass factory you will see well carved big glass decorative piece which is amazing.Don't buy any thing in Murano.It is too costly,same piece you will get in very low price. Boat 4.2 will take you to this island from St lucia(it is also called as Ferroria) railway station.It takes around 30 to 40 minutes journey , get down at Murano faro..


Burano Island is well known for masks and Embroidery lace.This is a beautiful place to shop around especially for girls, you will go mad by seeing glass pendents,ear tops, scarfs and dresses.Almost every shop on this little island sells lace products. However,beware that there are many cheap foreign products, and the real stuff is quite expensive. From Murano to Burano boat frequency is high and it takes 30 mins to reach Burano.


San Marco is also called as St Marks Square. Here you can find people wearing masks and narrow canals of Venice. Many Indian films were shot here. It is a place full of monuments.Shopping over here is inexpensive and the shops are in a narrow old town which is completely new for us and here you can find yummy ice creams.Don't buy bags from people holding them on their hands.You will be fined 50 Eur for such activity.From here you can take a Gondole ride which costs some 30 to 25 Euros for person you can bargain. They will show few important places by taking  in narrow canals. From Burano island  there is connecting boat to San Marco every 1 hr. It is around 50 min journey.


Lido is a clear water beach.You can spend some half an hour to one hour over here.It looks amazing.For every 10 mins there is a boat to lido from San Marco which takes 14 mins to reach.Board boat no 1, just come out and go straight till the end of the road.You will find beach. Carry one pair of dress if you want to get into beach . Dress change rooms are free of cost.


Rialto Bridge is famous old bridge which divides two districts San Marco and San Polo and you will find shops on the bridge.You can take gondole ride from here too. Take boat number 1 to reach Rialto and from Rialto to st Lucia  catch boat1 or boat 2 to reach station.

If you are planing to visit Venice during April or May just carry an umbrella to avoid scorching Sun.  

Friday, April 27, 2012

Havelock Island

Havelock Island a romantic island for newly married couples, which is largest among Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Bay of Bengal Shimmers like Emerald simply a landscape full of scenic. These islands are covered with dense Forest and Exotic smell of flowers and birds create a romantic and peaceful environment.

Few months back i went through an article they offered 7th place to Havelock among all Asian Beaches. It is rejuvenating place and hardly untouched by humans yearly around 10000 tourists visit Havelock. There are two distinct occupants with one group consisting of people from the states of West Bengal, Punjab, Tamil Nadu in the mainland and the other one consisting of the natives.

How to reach Havelock ??  Port Blair which is the capital city of Andaman & Nicobar is the closest airport for Havelock Islands , From there you can board a ferry which is the best way to reach Havelock Island. At the tourist information center you can get ferry timetables which differs from season to season. Direct flights are available from Kolkata and Chennai to Veer Savarkar International Airport, While indirect flights are available from Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Visakhapatanam and Mumbai. If you are from any of the sea coast like Chennai, Visakhapatanam and Kolkata ships and ferries are available which takes quite long time to reach Destination

   Getting around Havelock Island is not a big deal, all modes of transportation available including buses, jeeps, taxis. Buses are mainly operated between Beach 1,5,7. If you are interested you can hire bicycles,scooters or private cabs to roam around the Island. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of Island by walking on sand along the beaches. 

Travelling Tips: 
                              Best time to visit Havelock Island is between December and April as it is best suited for diving. People with certain medical conditions like heart disease, asthma, diabetes should avoid this activity. Drivers need to spend a minimum amount of time on land before and after diving this entirely depends on time and depth they spent underwater. For up to date information regarding dive sites you can contact information centers.                                                                            

                                    Hotel options in Havelock Island comprise primarily of palm thatched beach huts in addition to hotels, resorts, cottages and bungalows. Most of the accommodation is located between Beach 3 and 5

Map of Island :

Accommodation Links :

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easy Recipe Of Green Peas Fry

Hello Good morning Friends, Today i prepared green peas fry to my husband for his lunch box which he and his friends loves a lot which is exclusively my own recipe it is good with both chapathi and rice and my friend usually they wonders how you prepare the powder. Today i am revealing the secret behind the peas fry hope you will like..

Ingredients :

Green peas                  : 1 cup

Onion                          : 1

Oil                               : 3 spoons

Chana Dal                   : 1 spoon

Jeera                           : 1/4 spoon

Mustard seeds             : A pinch

Red Chilly dried           :  1

Turmeric                      :  A pinch                

Salt                              : To taste

Coconut Powder          :  2 spoons or Grind coconut in mixer and make powder

Chilly powder               : 1/2 spoon

Besan flour                   : 1 spoon


Procedure :    


Easy Way To Prepare Palak Paneer Curry For Chapathi

Hello Friends Today i will teach you palak paneer curry which is yummy with chapathi or pulka. This recipe is of proper punjabi daba style which stoles Heart of food lovers

Ingredients :

Palak :                         1 bunch or Hand full

Tomato :                     1

Garlic :                        1 big clove or 2 small

Green chilies:              1 big or 2 small

Paneer :                     5 cubes

Oil :                           4 to 5 spoons

Jeera :                       1/4 spoon

Red dried chilly :        1

Curry Leaves :           3 to 4

Salt:                           As per your taste

Turmeric :                   pinch

Garam Masala :         1/2 spoon

                                                    palak, tomato & chillies in boiled water          

Procedure :

Boil water in a vessel add pinch of salt in boiling water. Add palak, tomato and chilly in the boiling water wait until green color of palak turns to thick green or keep for 10 mins in boiling water.

                                               Changed color of palak after boiling

Take boiled palak,tomato and chilly grind in mixer and keep it a side


Take a pan pour 2 spoons of oil and fry the Paneer until it became golden brown color, to get rid of raw smell of paneer. If u don't like paneer u can fry potato pieces.



In that pan add 2 spoons of oil and when the oil is hot add curry leaves, Jeera, Red chilly and mash cloves fry for 2 mins.


Then add that grinded palak,tomato and chilly in to that. After few minutes add pinch of turmeric and salt as per your taste.


 And stir often until oil gets separated.


Then add 1/2 spoon of garam masala.

After two minutes add fried paneer in to that and wait for 2 minutes and off the stove.


And here is your yummy yummy palak paneer 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Carrot Burfi/ Gazar Burfi

Hi friends, Today i want to introduce Carrot Burfi / Gazar Burfi in easy way.. I am sure that you never tasted

this before !!
                                                              Grated Carrot

Ingredients :

Carrot Grated : 2 cups

Sugar             : 3/4 th cup or 1cup if you like more sweet

Milk              :  1/2 cup

Kova             :   1/4 cup (If kova is not there add only milk)

Elachi            :    2 to 3  powdered

KissMiss       :  8

Badam         : one spoon chopped

Ghee/ Butter : 2 to 4 Spoons

                                                         Sugar,milk,Elachi and Dry Fruits            



 Fry Badam and kissmiss in ghee and keep it a side Then in the same ghee fry two cups of Grated Carrot in Ghee(To cook fast we can keep the grated carrot with milk in cooker wait for one whistle and then fry in ghee it takes less time to prepare  )

                                                               Frying Carrot with Ghee        

Fry until Orange color of carrot changes in to yellowish color

Add sugar,milk & kova


After 5 mins Stir Continuously until it is sticky and color would be light brown then add elachi

Stir Continuously until it becomes tight and brown in color you can observe ghee separating from carrot then add dry fruits.. It will become like a ball in the pan itselfv!!

Wait until it become cold then cut in to pieces or make it as ball and decorate with dry fruits 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Floriade 2012 Venlo , Netherlands

Hello friends here is some information regarding to the FLORIADE 2012. Floriade is an International Flowers and gardening Exhibition held in Netherlands From April till 7th October. It happens once in 10 years. And here is a Good news for Stuttgart people, this year they are conducting in Venlo which is closer to Germany it just takes couple of hours to reach Venlo. Last time it happened in Haarlemmermeerse.
Here is few details regarding how to reach from Stuttgart to Venlo.

Journey in hours : 4 1/2 Hours drive from Stuttgart.

How to reach Venlo by Train from Stuttgart : From Stuttgart take train to Dusseldorf which is closer to the Netherlands border. You can take SW ticket of worth 40 EUR or you can book ICE/IC train tickets in advance may work out cheaper if you are a group it would be much better. From Dusseldorf to Venlo train frequency is good and it costs around 12.10 EUR per person.

Entrance ticket cost:
                                     It would be around 25 EUR per person for one day and Check with the link regarding tickets booking information and few offers.

Floriade 2012
Every day few Floriade show will be held  which is quite interesting and it is marvelous place for the people who loves flowers and horticulture.

The Park: The Floriade park is in 55 hectares land with 5 themes.
                  1.Relax & Heal
                  2.Green Engine
                  3.Education & Innovation
                  5.World Show Stage
For more information check this link 

Hotel booking: For hotel booking check below link

Tourist Attractions: Here is the link regarding to the Tourist attraction in Venlo

Best time to visit: If you are pretty much interested in Tulips better go in May 1st or 2nd week , Or else June and July is the Best time 

Tulip Garden Floriade 2012

For More Information :                    

                                              Few pictures of Floriade 2012 Venlo

                                                         Visitors at Floriade 2012

Visitor Entering to Indian Garden Floriade 2012

                                                 World Shows Held in Floriade 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Swiss Trip Experiences :)

Hello Friends , I would Like to share my Swiss travel Experiences with you .. The best option to travel in Swiss is with "Swiss pass". Here is the price list of Swiss pass !!

DAYS              1ST CLASS                2ND CLASS    

4                        422                              277
8                        620                              388
15                      810                              507
22                      933                              584
30                      1028                            643

These are the price list of Swiss pass.. For Youth and Children you will get discount too !! In April & May you will get Buy one Get one free offer and from march you can book tickets..
Benefits of Swiss pass: 
                                           First question for many people is: "Can we get in to ICE & IC trains using the Swiss pass?.Yes we can get in to any train travelling through the Swiss network including ICE,IC,IR,RE. It can be used in all Trams , Even  Boats, Ferries. There would be 50% to 10 % discount in Mountain Excursions and in some cruises !! And free for all museums over Swiss.. Coming to our trip we started from Stuttgart, Germany to Swiss, we took the 4 day Swiss pass with buy one get one free offer, with Swiss pass we can only travel only in swiss. So we took BW ticket to Schaffhausen
In Schaffhausen The Europe's Largest plain Water falls are there we had a visit of that and then we moved to Bern Which is one of the Capital city of Swiss. If you are from any Europe Country Just Ignore it or else if you are interested to see Einstein house, Zytglogge , Cathedral , Bear Park & Rose Garden you can go. In Bern we visited Zytglogge, Munster Cathedral, Federal Building, Einstein house & Bear Park. To cover all the places it just took an hour for us by walk because Every place is just 5 min walk from other place and near Einstein house it is nice shopping area you can buy a good watch in good price.
                                      And from Bern we went to Interlaken we booked our Apartment there hence it costs low. Interlaken is an awesome place covered with Swiss alps. We took a Ferry ride in the evening 6 pm from Interlaken to Thun it is about 3 hours ride but very beautiful scenic beauty you will enjoy a lot from Thun you can catch Train to Interlaken it just takes 25 mins to reach Interlaken.
                  Second day in the morning we started to Mount Titlis we have to catch train to Lucerne from Lucerne we have to catch Engelberg train from there we can find buses to Titlis you can enjoy a lot over there. Till Evening you will spend your time and then we went to Lucerne you can visit Loin Monument and old Wooden Bridge and then we came back to Interlaken.
Jungfraujoch: This is the highest point of the Europe. From the top we can see Jungfrau peak. "Jungfrau" is the German word they pronounce it as "Yungfrau" which mean virgin lady. Top of the Europe is an Experience of it's own. It is at 3454 M Europe's highest altitude railway station. From Interlaken you can catch Grindewald train from there you will get discount,For People holding Swiss pass it costs around 120 CHF normally it costs around 190 CHF.The Sphinx observation hall and terrace, the amazing Ice palace you will have an wonderful experience. While planning to Jungfrau Check out this link and book tickets 


Trummelbach Falls – The Trummelbach Falls are the world's only glacier waterfalls that are accessible underground by lift, galleries, tunnels, paths and platforms. They alone carry the melt-water of the glaciers from the Jungfrau down to the valley - up to 20,000 liters of water per second. Inside the mountain they carved waterfalls which is amazing work, we can go two ways one by lift and one by stairs, Both the ways are beautiful you will have nice time over there From Interlaken catch Luterbernnen train and from there you can see bus out it cost around 11 CHF per person. Timings for falls is from morning 9 to 6 in Summer and 9 to 4 in winter. 

                                                  Trummelbach Falls

Interlaken – This is a city in Switzerland. Most of the tourists stay here. It is located between two lakes – Breinzersee and Thunersee. Hence the name “Inter-laken”. Both of them are beautiful lakes. Breinzersee is the bigger one. If you have a Swiss pass, then you can take “Golden Panorama” Tour. It goes by the lake and you get a beautiful panoramic view. If you have a car, then you don’t have to take the Golden Panorama tour. You can drive by the side of the lake. It goes parallel to the train track and you essentially get the same view. Advantage with the car is that you can stop anywhere you want and have a nice photo session and more importantly enjoy the nature as long as you want.

Zurich – Zurich is the one of the most populous city in Swiss. Here you can go for Swiss Bank & stock Exchange.

                                                                     Jet d' eau

Schiltron –  The Schilthorn is 2,970 meter high summit in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. From the top of Schiltron we can have a view of Titlis, Jungfrau, Eiger, Monch . From Interlaken we have to get down at Luterbernnen and from there you can get in to Cable car to Grutschalp from Grutschalp we will get in to a train to Murren.From Murren we will get in to the cable car to Schilthorn. At the top of the mountain you will reach to the rotating hotel. You can have a great panoramic view and you can enjoy skiing & trekking if you are winter sport lover.. If you have swiss pass it costs around 35 CHF or else it would around 75 CHF !!


    Geneva : Geneva is the second capital city of Swiss. This is at the France border and from here you can visit Mountreux which is a beautiful place to visit in Swiss. In Geneva we visited jet d'eau, st peter's cathedral, United Nations, Botanical Garden & in old town we can see some monuments actually it depends on interest and you can go to information center and get the information about tourist attractions.


Best time to visit is in May,June,July. Have a pleasant Day :)
Best place to stay: Interlaken is a nice option because of its connectivity and affordability.
Hotels : book in advance.
                 And if you are bachelor you can stay in Hostels which work out much cheaper and here is the link.
Better check for an apartment it works out cheap.
Food :  Food in Swiss is costly better to buy groceries and cook.
              (Swiss Timetable Page)