Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easy Recipe Of Green Peas Fry

Hello Good morning Friends, Today i prepared green peas fry to my husband for his lunch box which he and his friends loves a lot which is exclusively my own recipe it is good with both chapathi and rice and my friend usually they wonders how you prepare the powder. Today i am revealing the secret behind the peas fry hope you will like..

Ingredients :

Green peas                  : 1 cup

Onion                          : 1

Oil                               : 3 spoons

Chana Dal                   : 1 spoon

Jeera                           : 1/4 spoon

Mustard seeds             : A pinch

Red Chilly dried           :  1

Turmeric                      :  A pinch                

Salt                              : To taste

Coconut Powder          :  2 spoons or Grind coconut in mixer and make powder

Chilly powder               : 1/2 spoon

Besan flour                   : 1 spoon


Procedure :