Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Oats Payasam / Oats kheer

Hi friends, Today I'm going to post Oats Payasam / Oats Kheer. As the name itself indicates that Payasam is made from Oats which helps in managing weight. If you feel like having sweet, you can try this recipe because it takes less time to prepare and healthy too :) Lets go to recipe !!




1. Oats -                          1/2 cup
2. Milk -                          1 cup
3. Ghee -                          2 spoons
4. Elaichi / Cardamom -    1
5.Cashew nuts -                5 to 6 (Optional)
6. Kismiss-                      5 to 6(Optional)
7. Saffron-                         1 or 2 (Optional)
8. Sugar -                          1/2 cup
9. Salt -                              A generous pinch


1. Take a pan, add ghee. When it become hot add cashew nuts and kismiss. Fry for a minute and keep it aside.


2. In the same pan fry Oats for a second.


3. Add milk & sugar boil for 3 to 5 minutes.


4.Then finally add fried dry fruits, pinch of salt and saffron. Off the stove.



1. If you want you can reduce or increase sugar amount.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Andhra style chicken pakodi

For the first time I am going to a post Non- Veg recipe for you all. My husband generally likes boneless chicken. So I use to prepare chilly chicken, Chicken pakodi, chicken 65 and many more. Today I am going to prepare Chicken pakodi for all of my blog viewers & for my husband too. Hmm but we are going to have that mouth watering yummy chicken pakodi.



 Serves : 2 to 3

 1. Boneless chicken -     1/4 kg
 2. Oil -                           1 spoons (To add in flour)
 3. Salt -                         To taste Roughly 1 spoon
 4. Jeera powder -          1 spoon
 5. Green chilies -           2 to 3
 6. Onion -                     1 medium sized
 7. Ginger garlic paste -  1 spoon
 8. Vinegar -                  1 spoon
 9. Curd -                      1/2 cup
10.Lemon juice -           1/2 spoon
11. Besan Flour -          1/2 cup
12. Coriander Leaves - 10
13. Tasting salt            - 1/4 spoon (Optional)

 1. Cut chicken to small pieces, add 1/2 spoon salt, Jeera, Ginger garlic paste, Vinegar, curd, Lemon juice marinate and keep in refrigerator for more than 2 hours.


 2. Add salt, tasting salt & water in Besan flour and make thick paste(if we mix marinated chicken then it will become more watery so you need to make thick paste) , then leave it for an hour(If we leave that mixture for an hour your pakodi will cook fast with nice color with out adding artificial color).


 3. Add onion, Coriander Leaves and green chilies in Besan flour.


 4. Take marination chicken and add in Besan flour paste.


 5. Take a pan add oil for deep fry, once it became hot (you can check it by dropping batter in oil, If it is hot    it will come up)use spoon to drop portions of batter in the oil. Fry until it became golden brown color.


 6. Severe with ketchup if you like.

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Yummy right try in your kitchen                                                                    

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mamidikaya Mukkala Pachadi or Instant Mango Chutney

Hi friends, I am back with our traditional Mamidikaya mukkala pachadi or Instant Mango chutney, which is favorite for many people in India and especially from Andhra. I am big fan for this chutney, Whenever I just starts thinking about this chutney my mouth started watering and I am so happy because for lunch I am going to have this La La La La La :)



1. Raw Mango -                1 small (I took small mango)
2. Salt              -                1  spoon or To taste
3. Chilly powder-               1 spoon
4. Turmeric Powder-          A generous pinch
5. Mustard powder-            1/4 spoon (Optional)


1.Oil -                                     2 spoons
2.Hing -                                  A generous pinch      
3.Mustard seeds-                    1/4 spoon
4.Jeera -                                  1/2 spoon
5.Curry leaves-                        5 to 6
6.Red Chilies -                         2
7.Coriander  leaves -              10 (Optional)    


1. Cut mango in to small pieces with out seed.

2. Add salt,chilly powder,turmeric and mustard powder.


3. Mix all ingredients well.


4. Take a pan , add oil when it became hot add things under seasoning except coriander leaves ( mustard seeds,jeera, red chilies, curryleaves & hing).


5. When it starts spluttering off the stove, add these to mixed mango pieces. Here is your yummy chutney ready.



1. Don't fry mango pieces.
2.If you store in refrigerator it will be there for an week.
3. I bought a small mango you can double ingredients if you bought a big one.