Friday, February 1, 2013

Mamidikaya Mukkala Pachadi or Instant Mango Chutney

Hi friends, I am back with our traditional Mamidikaya mukkala pachadi or Instant Mango chutney, which is favorite for many people in India and especially from Andhra. I am big fan for this chutney, Whenever I just starts thinking about this chutney my mouth started watering and I am so happy because for lunch I am going to have this La La La La La :)



1. Raw Mango -                1 small (I took small mango)
2. Salt              -                1  spoon or To taste
3. Chilly powder-               1 spoon
4. Turmeric Powder-          A generous pinch
5. Mustard powder-            1/4 spoon (Optional)


1.Oil -                                     2 spoons
2.Hing -                                  A generous pinch      
3.Mustard seeds-                    1/4 spoon
4.Jeera -                                  1/2 spoon
5.Curry leaves-                        5 to 6
6.Red Chilies -                         2
7.Coriander  leaves -              10 (Optional)    


1. Cut mango in to small pieces with out seed.

2. Add salt,chilly powder,turmeric and mustard powder.


3. Mix all ingredients well.


4. Take a pan , add oil when it became hot add things under seasoning except coriander leaves ( mustard seeds,jeera, red chilies, curryleaves & hing).


5. When it starts spluttering off the stove, add these to mixed mango pieces. Here is your yummy chutney ready.



1. Don't fry mango pieces.
2.If you store in refrigerator it will be there for an week.
3. I bought a small mango you can double ingredients if you bought a big one.



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