Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Carrot Burfi/ Gazar Burfi

Hi friends, Today i want to introduce Carrot Burfi / Gazar Burfi in easy way.. I am sure that you never tasted

this before !!
                                                              Grated Carrot

Ingredients :

Carrot Grated : 2 cups

Sugar             : 3/4 th cup or 1cup if you like more sweet

Milk              :  1/2 cup

Kova             :   1/4 cup (If kova is not there add only milk)

Elachi            :    2 to 3  powdered

KissMiss       :  8

Badam         : one spoon chopped

Ghee/ Butter : 2 to 4 Spoons

                                                         Sugar,milk,Elachi and Dry Fruits            



 Fry Badam and kissmiss in ghee and keep it a side Then in the same ghee fry two cups of Grated Carrot in Ghee(To cook fast we can keep the grated carrot with milk in cooker wait for one whistle and then fry in ghee it takes less time to prepare  )

                                                               Frying Carrot with Ghee        

Fry until Orange color of carrot changes in to yellowish color

Add sugar,milk & kova


After 5 mins Stir Continuously until it is sticky and color would be light brown then add elachi

Stir Continuously until it becomes tight and brown in color you can observe ghee separating from carrot then add dry fruits.. It will become like a ball in the pan itselfv!!

Wait until it become cold then cut in to pieces or make it as ball and decorate with dry fruits 


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