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Venice a beautiful place surrounded by water.It is one among the world's lovely places. It is in the northern part of Italy with 118 Islands connected with bridges. The whole city is covered with water and their transportation mode is by boat.Every person will have their own private boat .Even there are Taxi boats which are in polished wooden color.Few people will sell vegetables in boat by moving from one place to other in boat. Venice is good place to shop around. For Venice one day is enough. Buy a Day pass which is valid for 12h.It costs around 16 EUR.


Tourist Places:
                           Murano Island is very famous for its glass production.You can see few glass production plants and different stages of glass production, Few plants allows you for free of cost rest we have to pay around 5 Euros per couple.If we buy anything in their shop which is owned by the factory  , we will get that 5 Euros discount. Out side of the glass factory you will see well carved big glass decorative piece which is amazing.Don't buy any thing in Murano.It is too costly,same piece you will get in very low price. Boat 4.2 will take you to this island from St lucia(it is also called as Ferroria) railway station.It takes around 30 to 40 minutes journey , get down at Murano faro..


Burano Island is well known for masks and Embroidery lace.This is a beautiful place to shop around especially for girls, you will go mad by seeing glass pendents,ear tops, scarfs and dresses.Almost every shop on this little island sells lace products. However,beware that there are many cheap foreign products, and the real stuff is quite expensive. From Murano to Burano boat frequency is high and it takes 30 mins to reach Burano.


San Marco is also called as St Marks Square. Here you can find people wearing masks and narrow canals of Venice. Many Indian films were shot here. It is a place full of monuments.Shopping over here is inexpensive and the shops are in a narrow old town which is completely new for us and here you can find yummy ice creams.Don't buy bags from people holding them on their hands.You will be fined 50 Eur for such activity.From here you can take a Gondole ride which costs some 30 to 25 Euros for person you can bargain. They will show few important places by taking  in narrow canals. From Burano island  there is connecting boat to San Marco every 1 hr. It is around 50 min journey.


Lido is a clear water beach.You can spend some half an hour to one hour over here.It looks amazing.For every 10 mins there is a boat to lido from San Marco which takes 14 mins to reach.Board boat no 1, just come out and go straight till the end of the road.You will find beach. Carry one pair of dress if you want to get into beach . Dress change rooms are free of cost.


Rialto Bridge is famous old bridge which divides two districts San Marco and San Polo and you will find shops on the bridge.You can take gondole ride from here too. Take boat number 1 to reach Rialto and from Rialto to st Lucia  catch boat1 or boat 2 to reach station.

If you are planing to visit Venice during April or May just carry an umbrella to avoid scorching Sun.  

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