Friday, May 25, 2012

Chanadal Coconut Curry/ Pappula kura

                     Chanadal Coconut Curry is very famous dish in one part (Guntur) of Andhra. My mom often prepares this curry. She prepares in two versions. One is with coconut and the other with Ginger Garlic. I like both versions. Soon I will post Ginger garlic version as well. This curry is good with both Chapathi and rice. Here is the recipe.

      * Channadal           1/2 cup
      * Onions               1
      * Curry Leaves     4 to 5
      * Jeera                  1/2 spoon
      * Salt                    To taste
      * Turmeric            pinch
  •   Coconut(Dried or Normal)           3 pieces/3 spoons powderd
  •   Jeera                                             1/2 spoon
  •   Dhaniya seeds                               1 spoon
  •   Tamarind  extract                          1/2 spoon
  •   Curry leaves                                  5 to 7
# Soak chanadal for 2 hours.
#  Fry Jeera, Dhaniya Seeds and curry leaves. Grind coconut (I used coconut powder), Jeera, Dhaniya seeds, Tamarind Extract and Curry leaves.
# Take pan pour oil. When oil became hot add Curry leaves and Jeera. Add onions when it is half cooked add grinded masala.
# Add soaked chanadal and cook for 5 minutes. Add salt turmeric powder and tomato. Cook for 10 mins. Check whether chanadal cooked properly. Once it is done off the stove. And serve in bowl along with Chapathi or rice.