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"Paris" by hearing this word we will have a glimpse of Eiffel tower. Can we imagine Paris with out Eiffel Tower?? Obviously NO. Paris is also known as City Of Light.  Paris a cosmopolitan city of France. It is situated on river Seine.  And it is leading in business and cultural centers among world. Paris is Capital of Fashion. Is Paris meant only for Fashion??? NO, It gave birth to Art, Artists, Poets, Mime Artists, Dramatic Artists and many more.. And here is information regarding Paris trip. Buy one day pass whcih cost around 9.50Eur for adults and 6 Eur for youth under 24/26. Metro of Paris is too good because of it's connectivity.


Tourist Attractions :
Eiffel Tower : It is one among World's Seven Wonders, Built by Gustave Eiffel in 1887-1889 . It is an Iron Tower of 320 M height. If you are planning to visit Eiffel Tower start in the evening so that you can see Eiffel Tower in both Day time & Night Time.Take Bus 30 From Garl De East Station and get down at Trocedero. View of Eiffel Tower from Trocedero is awesome take a snap from here. Eiffel Tower is totally divided in to three floors. First floor, Second floor and summit. Getting to the top of Eiffel Tower by lift costs around 14 EUR for Adults and 12.50 EUR for youth up to 24. If you are Enthusiastic you can climb Eiffel Tower by steps it cost around 6 EUR. Being at the top is an Amazing Experience and you can buy a glass of Shampine at the top of the Tower It costs around 11 EUR. Book tickets in advance or else you have to stand for tickets in a huge queue for 2 or more hours. It depends on the crowd.

River Seine : Take a boat ride in River Seine to enjoy City Lights in night time. It takes one hour. It costs around 8 EUR. You can buy ticket in the counter. Anyhow don't Miss this ride. They will give brief description of Paris history and few important places in night light.


Notre Dame Cathedral :  It rests in the heart of Paris. It is a Roman catholic cathedral of 900 years old. King Nepolean crowned in this church. Entrance is free.


Louvre Museum:  It is one of the world's largest Museums. The most visited Museum because of its popularity. Highlight of the museum is Monalisa Painting. I felt other paintings are much more beautiful than that painting. Size of Monalisa painting is very small covered with bullet proof glass with 4 or more security guards. Entrance ticket is 10 EUR for adult and for European residents under age 24 is free. Any how Monalisa painting and pyramids out side of the museum are must seen things to do in Paris..


Arc de Troimphe:  It is one of the famous monuments in paris. More or less i felt it just looks like Indian gate. It is constructed in remembrance of  soldiers who fought in French Revolution. Sculptures on the monument is beautiful. Getting to the top of Arc de Troimphe is 8 Eur for adults and 5 Eur under 26.


Champs Elysees:  It is luxurious shopping area in Paris which is opposite to Arc de Troimphe. Folks tells that princess Diana does shopping over here. you can go through many museums, Entrance is free of cost.


Versailles Palace :  It takes one full day if you are planning to visit this museum. But it is worth to visit. This  is huge royal palace built by Louis XIV which is one of the wealthiest cities near Paris. The easiest way to get in to palace and avoid queues is to buy ticket directly from the website. It costs bit more than the usual entrance ticket but includes return railway and metro tickets, an audio guided tour of the chapel and opera house, the king's and Queen's state Apartments.However, you can get to the Palace easily by train and buy tickets of each Attraction once there. This may be the best approach if you want to see something in particular or just want to explore the enormous gardens. 
                       From Montparnasse take Transilien N to Versailles Chantiers. A semi direct train will bring you to Versailles in 12 minutes. But walk is not very nice from the station.
                       From Saint Lazare take Transilien L to Versailles Rive Droite. You will Reach in 33 mins and the walk will be pleasant.


Montparnasse:  It is an 210 M tall skyscraper located in pairs. It is 13th tallest building in Europe. Getting to the top of the tower is by lift and it costs around 5 EUR. From the top of Eiffel Tower you can have a look of entire Paris except Eiffel Tower. That wish will be fulfilled by seeing from the top pf Montparnasse.


Les Invalides:  This is the military museum of the Army of the France. Dome is covered with 25 kgs of gold where Napoleon's tomb is placed.  You can reach here by crossing beautiful bridge constructed by Alexander  from Champs Elysees.


Just take a snap of place de la concorde, Mary Magdalene church & Sacre Coure. If you have time just have one day tour to Disney Land.

                                                           La Concorde

How to reach Paris : If you book 3 months early you will get cheap Flight and Train Tickets. In some few offer days you will get combo tickets in Euroline Buses.

                                                  Mary Magdalene Church     

                            If you prefer hostels
Best Time to visit: June,July & August

                                                          Sacre Coure           

If you are planning for 2 days trip,Visit Notre Dame Chathedral then go to Arc De Troimph and Champs Elysees and then for Eifffel Tower and take a boat ride between 8 to 10 pm. Second day visit Louvre Museum first and then go to Sacre Coure,Les Invalides,Concorde, Montparnasse or if you are very interested in Versailles palace you can visit that.If it is for three Days trip visit Versailles or Disney World.

                                                          Disney World