Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Black Forest

Black Forest is wooden mountain range in southwestern part of Germany.The name Black Forest, goes back to the Romans who referred thickly forested mountains as Silva Nigara i.e; Black Forest, because the dense growth of conifers in the forest blocked out most of the light inside of the forest. We visited two places in black forest region. One is Titisee & the other is Triberg.


 How to reach?

               People in Germany can take SW ticket. We are from BW State both Titsee and Triberg are inside of BW state, so we took BW ticket.
SW Ticket 40 EUR for 5 persons.
BW Ticket 35 EUR for 5 persons.


Attractions in Titsee and Triberg:

Titisee is more like village atmosphere. The scenic highlight of  Titisee is obviously Lake Titisee with its crystal clear water attracts thousands of enthusiastic swimmers. Enjoy amazing scenic beauty by taking boat ride which is really good. For motor boat it costs around 12 EUR for half an hour and for paddling boat it cost around 8 EUR for one hour. The famous cuckoo clocks are made in Titisee. There are many shops of cuckoo clocks, soft toys and wooden carvings. Black forest cake is popular, but it contains alcohol. People who are pretty much interested in trekking and camping select one route depends on your time.


Triberg is well known for its Waterfalls, you must have seen. Germany's highest waterfalls are in Triberg. Triberg waterfalls are series of short waterfalls in the Gutach river. On the roads along the seven stages of the case, you experience a magnificent spectacle of nature. Entrance costs around 3.50 EUR. Opposite to the falls is Black forest museum. The museum was built in 1973 presents the economical and cultural life of Black Forest people in past and present. Museum attractions are historical collections, traditional costumes, wood carvings, straw thatching, the Black Forest railway diorama and one of the largest collections of barrel organs in Europe. It costs around 4.50 EUR. Last but not least is the world largest cuckoo clock. It is pretty fascinating. It is very huge and its workings too. It was interesting to see the bellows open up at the time that it struck on the hour to make the cuckoo sound. Entrance costs around 1.20 EUR.


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