Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bendi stir fry


  1. Bendi                                              250 Grams
  2. Onions                                                   1
  3. Turmeric powder                                 Pinch
  4. Salt                                                       To taste
  • Coconut                                               2 Medium pieces
  • Garlic clove                                         1
Grind coconut and garlic in to fine powder.

  1. Oil                                                        5 spoons
  2. Jeera                                                     1/2 spoon
  3. Mustard Seeds                                      1/4 spoon
  4. Urad dal                                                1/4 spoon
  5. Curry Leaves                                         4 to 5
  6. Chanadal                                               1 spoon

1. Take a pan pour oil. when oil became hot add Jeera, Mustard seeds, Urad dal, Curry Leaves & Chanadal. When Chanadal became golden brown color add chopped Bendi for a minute. Add turmeric and salt. Mix evenly then add onions.


2.Fry until onions become golden brown color and also wait until Bendi fried properly .Add grinded Coconut and garlic powder. Add half spoon of chilly powder mix properly and off the stove.



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